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The Weight of Evidence:
Homeopathy in Times of Epidemic and Related Statistics
An Abridged Review from Dr. André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.

"All facts relating to homeoprophylaxis should be carefully and conscientiously collected and published. Such work will most assuredly exercise a wholesome influence on science, and on the practice of medicine, and thus benefit suffering humanity."
- Dr. A. Chevalier de Kaczkowski, 1873

This upcoming book tells the great and very compelling story of homeopathy, a medical science shining in all its glory in times of epidemic. Although homeopathy specializes in emphasizing the individuality of each patient suffering from acute or chronic disease, its literature is full of statistics documenting its clinical efficacy on large populations in times of epidemic.

In reviewing this literature, it is truly astonishing to find, as many reviewers have noted before, that there exists not one single report showing the superiority of conventional medicine over genuine homeopathy in lowering morbidity and mortality during epidemics. This amazing fact holds true in every era, even including results obtained by allopathic doctors using today’s advances in medicine and nursing.

The fascinating stories told in this book relate not only the incredible and almost forgotten successes obtained by homeopathy, but also point out the political opposition that followed, due no doubt to homeopathy’s outstanding success. The Weight of Evidence tells the story of how greed, prejudice, arrogance, ignorance and contempt for the truth dominate our “civilized” society, thus preventing the truth from benefiting the whole of humanity.

Further, the book delivers a crucial testimony relating how, for over two hundred years, homeopaths have been telling anyone wise enough to listen that there is a law of nature which regulates healing and dictates to a large extent, the quality and length of our lives. This book details the overwhelming evidence that genuine homeopathy clearly offers the best method of protection from epidemic diseases and allows those who do fall sick to quickly recover their health.

By presenting overwhelming statistical evidence, The Weight of Evidence exposes the great potential of one of the most needed and certainly most underestimated scientific discoveries of all time: homeopathy, pure and simple.

"An official book announcement was made in Meissen, Germany on April 10, 2005 at the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Hahnemann’s birth. Writing the Weight of Evidence has been an exciting experience of uncovering very interesting and incredibly valuable results of homeopathy in times of epidemics. The book has taken on a life of its own and has grown tremendously and proportionally to newly uncovered material. As of January 12, 2006, it is now up to 1,700 pages with up to 1,600 references, and much more to come. The book will be completed when the great majority of the easily available documents have been integrated which will hopefully be in the coming year. A shorter version of the book which provides a summary of the key data will be published as well."

Dr Andre Saine
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Presidential address before the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York, September 14, 1891.
by F. Park Lewis, M.D., Buffalo, New York

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Dr Andre Saine
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