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Additionnal Homeopathy Resources - Montreal

Lisa Samet, N.D.
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Quebec Association of Nathuropathic Medecine
Naturopathic medicine is a comprehensive primary health care profession distinctive by its unique philosophy and practice. It seeks to promote health through education and the scientific use of natural therapeutics. Naturopathic medicine focuses on disease prevention and health promotion by addressing the cause of illness rather than treating symptoms.

To learn more about homeopathy, please visit the following websites:

A Debate: Homeopathy - Quackery Or A Key To The Future of Medicine?

International Debate about Genuine Homeopathy versus Speculative Medicine
In December 2000 an old debate in homeopathy was restarted. This debate centers on the value of genuine homeopathy (or fundamentalism?) versus pluralism (or speculative tendencies?).

Homéopathe International

Homeopathy from Whole Health Now

National Center for Homeopathy

Homeopathy Home - Reference Library

Kent Homeopathic Associates
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