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Resolving Difficult Cases
Taught by André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.

In this one of a kind seminar taught live at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR, Dr. Saine discusses the different reasons for failure in homeopathic prescribing and demonstrates successful prescribing with live case taking and with detailed reviews of complex cured cases.

Dr. Saine identifies common pitfalls in prescribing for difficult cases (i.e. relying too heavily on common symptoms of the disease, like teeth grinding in an autistic child) that lead to poor prescriptions. In this invaluable seminar you will learn to identify the common errors in prescribing for unresolved cases and valuable tools often to approach these cases from a different angle, to be able to more easily find the simillimum. A must for practitioners with complex, unresolved cases!

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Dr Andre Saine
Dr Andre Saine

Course: 14 hours
By: André Saine, D.C., N.D., F.C.A.H.
Fees: $220

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Dr Andre Saine

"Over the years I became so disillusioned with homeopathy with various teaching methods and inconsistent results in practice. Thanks for renewing my interest and original faith in homeopathy!"

"Studying the Organon was essential, thank you."

Dr Andre Saine
Dr Andre Saine

Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy Dr. André Saine is a graduate of National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon and has been the Dean of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy since 1986. He has taught homeopathy extensively in North America and Europe for over 25 years to health care professionals.

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Dr Andre Saine
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Presidential address before the Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York, September 14, 1891.
by F. Park Lewis, M.D., Buffalo, New York

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